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Comedian Jim David, known for his popular TV special Comedy Central Presents Jim David and this season of NBC's Last Comic Standing, will star in his one-man comedy "South Pathetic." The one-man-show tells the story of how a desperate out of work performer returns to his home state to direct North Carolina’s worst community theatre in Tennessee Williams; "A Streetcar Named Desire." There he meets a host of eccentric characters, each at their own personal turning points, in the local theatre where all misfits are welcome. It’s a comedy of starting over, failure, and the need for arts in even the smallest community. David plays himself as well as 10 other characters including a female family values crusader, a disgraced used car salesman, a stripper, an ex-porn actor, a high school nerd, a Bosnian refugee and others, and at the hilarious climax performs the opening night of this "Streetcar" in six minutes!

Brandon Fradd Theater
Whyte Hall Fire Island Pines NY

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